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美國地道俚語100句 背完口語棒棒的 適合收藏!

1。 Don『t push me。不要逼我。

2。 Don『t give me your attitude。不要給我擺架子。

3。 Don『t dream away your time。不要虛度光陰。

4。 Don『t you dare come back again?你敢再回來?

5。 A flash in the pan。曇花一現。

6。 He always likes to play a lone hand。他總是喜歡單槍匹馬。

7。 That boy never says uncle。那個男孩嘴特硬。

8。 You rose to the bait。你中圈套了。

9。 Play to the score。隨機應變

10。 I『m from Missouri。你騙不了我。

11。 He『s a brain。他是有頭腦的人。

12。 This drought occurs once in a blue moon。這場乾旱是百年不遇的。

13。 How dare you!你敢!

14。 In doing we learn。經一事,長一智。

15。 Get off my back。少跟我囉嗦。

16。 Keep your temper under control。不要發脾氣。

17。 That『s enough of your back talk。不許你回嘴。

18。 He is trying to cash in on me。他想占我便宜。

19。 Don『t chicken out。 Be a man!不要退縮。像個男人!

20。 I『m hard up。我經濟緊張。

21。 It『s full of hot air。滿嘴跑火車/吹牛皮。

22。 He told me to get lost。他叫我走開。

23。 What『s in it for me? Or what’s my cut? Or what『s my share?我有什麼好處?

24。 I got a big kick out of it。這事真讓我開心!

25。 He kicked the bucket。他已經歸天。

26。 Oh! You are killing me!哦!真是笑死我了。

27。 He is an operator。他是個老滑頭。

28。 He passed out。他暈倒了。

29。 Don『t be that way。不要那個樣子!

30。 You are casing pearls before swine。你在對牛彈琴。

31。 Example is better than precept。身教勝於言傳。

32。 There is no one but hopes to be rich。沒有人不想發財。

33。 He really has no guts。他真的沒有膽量。

34。 He has a lot of ball。他很能幹

35。 Wow, this car is awesome。 Can I get a load of it?哇,這輛車真棒。我可以好好看一看嗎?

36。 I『m totally maxed out。我完全累壞了。

37。 Give me a hand。幫我一個忙。

38。 Foot the bill。付賬。

39。 You『re still wet behind the ears。你還嫩點兒。

40。 He had racked his brain。他已經絞盡腦汁了。

41。 Our team gained the upper hand。我們隊佔上風。

42。 There go the house lights。劇院的燈光滅了。

43。 She eats like a bird。 He eats like a horse。她吃得很少。他很能吃。

44。 He got off on the wrong foot when he started doing。他一開始就出師不利。

45。 In her hometown, she was a big fish in a small pond。在她的家鄉,她很了不起。

46。 He lives only a stone『s throw from here。他離這兒只有一步之遙。

47。 Our hopes were all gone。我們的希望都成泡影了。

48。 Go ahead with you plan。 I am all for it。繼續你的計劃吧,我完全贊成。。

49。 He has his faults, but all in all, he is a good guy。他有缺點,但總的來說是個好人。。

50。 Your explanation is as clear as mud。你的解釋一點都不清楚。

51。 I『m really crazy about Michael Jackson’s Rock& Roll。我真的迷上了米高·傑克遜的搖滾樂。

52。 Their opinions on are simply for the birds。他對藝術的見解真是荒唐可笑。

53。 I told him to beat it。我叫他走開。

54。 I beat my brains out to get a job。我為獲得一份工作,傷透了腦筋。

55。 When it comes to fishing, I beat him by miles。說到釣魚,我甩他幾英里。

56。 Tell me what『s your beef?告訴我你抱怨什麼?

57。 I『ll come back before you know it。我很快就回來。

58。 Please behave yourself before the guests。在賓客面前你檢點一點兒。

59。 He is the man behind the curtain(or behind the scenes)。他是幕後人物。

60。 You need to make a case for your suggestions before you can get them approved。在你的建議得到批准之前,你必須提出充分的理由。

61。 Don『t tell others。 Let sleeping dog lie。不要告訴別人莫惹是非。

62。 It『s in God’s hands and we have prepared for the worst。聽天由命吧,我們已經做了最壞的準備了。

63。 When I knew I just being hired, I jumped out of my skin。當我獲知被錄用時,我簡直欣喜若狂。

64。 The whole team was in doghouse because they lost the game。由於輸掉比賽,整個隊都陷入困境。

65。 I looked high and low for my pen。我到處找我的鋼筆。

66。 He got to know the ins and outs of the accidents。他終於弄清了事情的前因後果。

67。 He left his wife high and dry。他拋棄了他的妻子。

68。 If you remain stuck-up, they will often try to pull your leg。假如你還是目中無人的話,他們會常常愚弄你的。

69。 How can we know whether a person is on the up and up by his appearance。一個人的外表我們怎麼能知道他是坦率的呢?

70。 He『ll be out and about very soon。他很快就能到戶外運動了。

71。 He will not turn the cold shoulder on me when I am in trouble。他不會在我困難的時候疏遠我。

72。 It『s not use talking to him, you』ll only waste your breath。和他談沒有用,你只是在白費口舌。

73。 You gave me an awful pain in the neck。你真讓我覺得討厭。

74。 The lummox has loused up their company『s whole business。那個傻大個把公司的業務搞得一團糟。

75。 When he asked me to marry him, I felt in a bind。當他向我求婚時,我感到很尷尬。

76。 She knows her beans in working。她在工作方面很精通。

77。 In his speech Mr。 Brown laid stress on the sagacity of cats。布朗在演說中強調了貓的靈性。

78。 The criminal tried to grasp at a straw by feigning mental disorder。罪犯裝瘋,試圖抓住一根救命稻草。

79。 Since he is as silly as a goose, he will not get a promotion。既然他如此不開竅,他肯定不會得到提升。

80。 The mayor really made a slip of the tongue!市長可真是說漏了嘴。

81。 John『s friend said he was mistaken, but he stood his ground。約翰的朋友說他錯了,但他堅持己見。

82。 You can trust him, for he『s honest through and through。你可以信任他,因為他真正誠實的。

83。 Trying to study a lesson for one class during another class is like robbing Peter to pay Paul。在一門課上讀另一門課的功課,等於是拆東牆補西牆。

84。 Facing his enemy, he had to play it by ear。面對敵人,他只能隨機應變了。

85。 It『s a hit。這件事很受人歡迎!

86。 You hit the nail on the head。你一針見血。

87。 It『s all Greek to me。我一點兒也不懂。

88。 He is always on the go。他總是在忙。

89。 That『s a good gimmick。那是個好花招。

90。 He is a fast talker。他是個吹牛大王。

91。 What『s the gag?這裏面有什麼奧妙嗎?

92。 Drop dead。滾開!

93。 What『s eating you?你有什麼煩惱?

94。 You『re impossible。你不可救藥。

95。 You『re an asshole。你這缺德鬼。

96。 You『re a jerk。你是個混蛋!

97。 Really? You『re so bad。真的嗎?你真棒!

98。 Someday, when your ship comes in, you『ll build your dream house。總有一天,當你有錢時,你會造你的夢想的房子。

99。 Someday you『re going to have to face the music for your actions。總有一天你將不得不承擔自己的行為帶來的後果。

100。 We could make beautiful music together。我們也許會是和諧幸福的一對。

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